About Spinderihallerne

Spinderihallerne (The Spinning Mill) provides Denmark's fastest growing development and innovation environment for people who work in the field of business, design and art. The dynamic working environment of Spinderihallerne houses more than 60 creative micro-companies and artists, as well as a number of cultural institutions and a municipal team.Together, they stimulate business development via networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource pooling.

The 13.000m2 industrial building also houses meeting and workshop facilities, exhibition space, large prototyping workshops, café & hub.

Network space. During day time the many square metres and facilities are used by our companies and our team but also by “outsiders”; citizens and companies who need a day out. Plug in your computer in the hub in the café, have a coffee and a chat, work and network at the same time. Some of our citizens are so called “expats” – citizens from other countries, temporarily stationed in our region for work, studies or family reasons.

Spinderihallerne is a good place for locals and expats to make contact, share ideas and maybe discuss joint projects. 

Kedelbygningen (The Boiler Building), also part of the Spinderihallerne complex, opened in 2015. Kedelbygningen is the base for a new Lab for Design, Technology, Play & Learning, with capacity for a further 20 creative companies.

Companies and institutions at Spinderihallerne and Kedelbygningen:
70-80 creative companies providing services, such as design, architecture, graphic design, photography, communication, video production and web.
A municipal team that, in addition to overseeing day-to-day operation of the halls, also contributes to a range of development projects, including regional funding projects as Designandelen and FabLab@SCHOOLdk.
Xeneriet, an experimental children's theatre
Vejle Amateur Dramatics Society
Vejle Seniorclub
Vejle Muay Thai boxing and Wedala boxing club

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"The interaction between industry, design and art is an important source of inspiration and innovation. It creates an environment to experiment, transcend boundaries and find new directions. At Spinderihallerne, we operate within four primary areas: 1. Innovation, growth and creativity. 2. New forms of business development. 3. Development of public welfare services and other public services. 4. Development of knowledge and skills". Lene Lawaetz, Head of Spinderihallerne.

Spinderihallerne/The Spinning Mill
Spinderihallerne/The Spinning Mill