About Spinderihallerne

Spinderihallerne is an innovative and entrepreneurial community welcoming creativity, ideas and experiences from all over the world. If you are a newcomer to Vejle and have an exciting project in mind or looking to take part in events within art, culture, design, entrepreneurship or communities, Spinderihallerne is the place for you. Try out the delicious food in our café, open FabLab and BioTechLab, events, workshops or join our wide variety of citizen-led communities.

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Spinderihallerne (the Spinning Mill) is a historic industrial building reopened in 2010 that provides Denmark's fastest growing development and innovation environment for people who work in the field of business, design and art.

Kedelbygningen (The Boiler House) was refurbished and opened in 2015.

The 13.000m2 industrial buildings also house meeting and workshop facilities, exhibition space, large prototyping workshops, a café & hub as well as a number of cultural institutions.