About Spinderihallerne

Spinderihallerne is an international community, welcoming thoughts, ideas, and experiences from all over the world. If you are a newcomer in Vejle, have an exciting project in mind or looking to take part in events within art, culture and design, Spinderihallerne might be the place for you.

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  • About Spinderihallerne

    Spinderihallerne (the Spinning Mill) is a historic industrial building reopened in 2010 that provides Denmark's fastest growing development and innovation environment for people who work in the field of business, design and art.

    Kedelbygningen (The Boiler House) was refurbished and opened in 2015.

    The 13.000m2 industrial buildings also house meeting and workshop facilities, exhibition space, large prototyping workshops, a café & hub as well as a number of cultural institutions.

  • Spinderihallerne - a unique history

    Spinderihallerne is at the root of some of Vejle's most important history and one of the best preserved examples of Vejles industrial legacy, still maintaining the factory buildings' original structure from their inception in 1896. It is the story of how the city evolved from being a small provincial town to a thriving industrial city.

    Originally a cotton mill founded in 1896, Spinderihallerne was the beating heart of Vejle's historic working class neighbourhood, Vestbyen (Western area), for over a 100 years. The cotton industry was a vivifying source of life for the city and employed 25% of the city's industrial work force as well as making Vejle a nationwide front runner within the cotton industry, earning the nickname "Denmark's Manchester."

    Refurbished and reopened in 2010 as a hub for creative and innovative start-ups, Spinderihallerne continues to tell the story about Vejle's development moving from an industrial economy to a knowledge- and experience economy, in which machines are now replaced by creativity and mind power.

  • Our companies and institutions

    Spinderihallerne houses a range of micro-companies and artists within design, innovation, architecture, graphics, photography, communication, video production and web. 

    The day-to-day operation of the house is run by Vejle Kommunes Innovation Team who also runs a range of development projects, including FabLab@SCHOOLdk.

    A number of cultural institutions live in the building too: Kulturskolen, an experimental children's theatre, Vejle Amatørscene, Vejle Seniorclub and Wedala boxing club.

    Together, we stimulate business development via networking, collaboration, knowledge sharing and resource pooling.

  • Networking

    During day time the many square metres and facilities are used by our companies and our team but also by “outsiders" citizens and companies who need a day out. Plug in your computer in the café, have a coffee and a chat, work and network at the same time. Some of our visitors are expats – people from other countries, temporarily stationed in our region for work, studies or family reasons.

    Spinderihallerne is a great place for locals and expats to make contact, share ideas and maybe discuss joint projects, and you are always welcome to get in touch if you have a project in mind you would like to discuss.

  • Activities in English

    We have a couple of recurring international activities taking place weekly or monthly as well as one-off events happening throughout the year, so make sure to check out our event calendar regularly.

    Every Tuesday from 3PM-8PM (holidays excepted) FabLab is open for everyone interested in technology, fast prototyping and digital creativity.
    Feel free to join our Facebook group FabLab Spinderihallerne Vejle for inspiration and networking opportunities.
    Every Tuesday and Thursdays Spinderihallerne is open from 5 PM- 9PM. On Late Tuesdays and Thursdays you can experience the informal, creative environment in Spinderihallerne. Try out the delicious food in the café, join our many communities and open FabLab. 

  • Looking for an office space?

    We have a wide variety of office spaces in different sizes to meet whatever needs your start-up may have.

    If you are interested in being part of the environment in Spinderihallerne, please contact Eva Sommer and let us talk about your options.