Together Vejle

Monthly social meet-ups for Internationals and friends at Spinderihallerne.

  • Silje Marie Schjødt


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YOU are Vejle - WE are Vejle -  Together Vejle 

Monthly social meet-ups for Internationals and friends at Spinderihallerne.

Feeling like you belong somewhere takes time  and is full of complexity.... Language, culture, work, social-life, housing, studies, training, medical, well-being, identity, family, child-care, school, politics...and a whole lot more are in the mix ‍

The process of finding WHERE and HOW we belong in the community is a long rollercoaster journey of twists and turns, highs and lows. But one thing's for's a whole lot easier if we do it together. Here's to the journey ️ and being on it together!! ️ 


The details

We are starting 2 new monthly social meet-ups to support and celebrate Internationals and our twisty-turny lives  

WHERE? Spinderihallerne, Vejle (free parking)


First Thursday of each month: 16.30 - 18.00+ 

*with regular guests, Louise Nielsen and Tove Reinert from Vejle Kommune  and visits from other friendly international-minded Danes to give insights and advice on key topics.

AND Third Thursday of each month: 16.30 - 18.00+ (starting 17.11.22) * with visits from other Internationals who have inspiring stories to share about their journeys.

On both Thursdays there will be space to be yourself, whatever your social preferences.... Talking with a crowd, a quiet chat with just a few or just listening!  Come alone and meet new friends or bring friends/colleagues/family (Kids are welcome... There's a LEGO zone and plenty of space to run around!)


Grab a drink/snack at the café and a board game if you like. 

Enjoy a delicious bowl of soup & bread at the café afterwards ( = no dinner washing up )

Stay on and explore the many other community/club meet-ups at "Community Thursday" (Torsdagsselskabet) in Spinderihallerne.